NAHB offers dozens of educational courses and seminars especially tailored for your needs as a building professional. These programs focus on practical training for newcomers and veterans alike, with lots of ideas and strategies you can use every day to improve your business and advance your career.

NAHB courses offered by Chuck Miller Education Services Click on the course title for a complete description of the course.


Business and Construction Management Courses

Business Management for Building Professionals

Estimating and Scheduling for Profitable Business Operations

Customer Service

Profitable Business Through Quality Practices

Risk Management and Insurance for Building Professionals

Marketing and Sales Courses

Marketing and Sales for Building Professionals

Certified New Home Sales Professional (CSP)

House Construction as a Selling Tool

Built to Sell: The Partnership of Market and Design

Effective Marketing On A Shoestring Budget

Essential Closing Strategies

Principles of Residential Marketing: Strategy & Implementation Classroom

Principles of Residential Marketing: Research & Analysis Classroom

Certified Aging In Place Specialist Courses

Marketing & Communicating with the Aging In Place Client (CAPS I)

Design Concepts for Livable Homes and Aging In Place (CAPS II);

Details and Solutions for Livable Homes and Aging in Place (CAPS III)

Construction Courses

Basics of Building

Building Technology: Systems and Interior Finishes

Building Technology: Structures and Exterior Finishes

Project Management

Land Development Courses

Land Acquisition & Development Finance

Project Management;Land Development: Site Planning and Zoning